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  • Automobile plant “Chaika-Service” is an official distributor of Amco Veba and Tadano hydraulic cranes in Russia.

Hydraulic aerial platforms
  • Automobile plant “Chaika-Service” is an official distributor of Socage hydraulic aerial platforms in Russia. The plant mounts aerial platforms with the height ranging from 14 to 70 meters.

Tow trucks and car carriers
  • Automobile plant “Chaika-Service” manufactures tow trucks with sliding, polygonal, direct and two-deck platforms as well as tow trucks with mounted Amco Veba and Tadano cranes.

Double row cabins
  • Automobile plant “Chaika-Service” produces 7-seat double row cabins based on GAZ-33106 “Valday” and Huyndai-78 chassis. Double row cabins are destined for transportation of a 7-member working crew.

Tipper trucks (including those with mounted cranes)
  • The plant produces tipper trucks with trilateral discharge. Tipper truck sideboards can be manufactured from steel Fuhrmann profile. The tipper truck can be equipped with Amco Veba or Tadano crane.

Sleeping cabins
  • Automobile plant “Chaika-Service” produces comfortable back cabin and over roof sleeping cells based on GAZ, Huyndai, Isuzu and Fuso chassis.

Trailers and semi-trailers
  • Saddle tractor based on GAZ-33106 “Valday” chassis with semi-trailer allows to carry high-cubed light and long goods. Length of the semi-trailer is 7,5 or 11 meters.

Sideboard trucks
  • The sideboard platform can be produced from aluminium or steel Austrian profile Fuhrmann. Mounting of awning with sliding roof and sliding shutters is also possible.


08.08.2014 Hydraulic aerial platform on the chassis of all-terrain vehicle Prinoth GT-2000

Representatives of the Automobile Plant "Chaika-Service" have always confirmed that their production facilities allow to install superstructures on any chassis, even tracked, and have repeatedly proved that. As an example, You are offered the latest novelty – tracked all-terrain vehcile Prinoth GT-2000 (made in Canada) equipped with hydraulic aerial platform Socage DA328. Automobile plant "Chaika-Service" became an official Russian dealer of Prinoth company and is ready to deliver a wide variety of superstructures on the chassis of the tracked all-terrain vehicles.

14.07.2014 A new product! A powerful aerial work platform Socage T328 on a light-sized chassis!

During the last 3 years the Automobile Plant “Chaika-Service” has substantially increased its model lineup namely there have been developed 7 new models and one of the latest is Socage T328. Socage T328 is a new telescopic aerial work platform model of the “T” series. The platform has three boom extensions and increased characteristics but the main feature is the basket capacity increased to 400 kg.

“Chaika-Service” today

The activity of Chaika-Service automobile plant was started in 1993. Since that time the company has gone through serious changes and transformations which may be surveyed back for as long as 20 years. All these changes may be briefly resumed as development and continuous progress.

The company is focusing on production of complicated commercial vehicles. Truck-mounted cranes, tow trucks, aerial platforms, tipper trucks, double seat row cabins, truck-mounted concrete pumps, or for instance full-driven truck GAZ-33088 Taiga – all this and much more is feasible for the company with years-long experience.

All kinds of victories, merits and achievements formed a self-confident and stable Company to be designated with a capital letter.
The outcome is evident: Chaika-Service products are used in public utilities and road industry, at energy and oil & gas producing companies, construction and telecommunication industries.

At present Chaika-Service automobile plant is one of the leading companies in its market segment.
It is also confirmed by the company’s numerous partners, among which there are both the biggest Russian and foreign OEMs like GAZ, KAMAZ, ISUZU, Hyundai, Hino, Mercedes, MAZ, Ford, Volvo, Nissan, Mitsubishi Fuso etc.

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